don't call on me

by Sidney Gish

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2011 i was very proud of this when i made it in music tech which is why i still kept it it never had a name but it reminds me of obsessively reading john green novels while watching the snow out the window (all i did in 2011)
last night 02:49
2015 still like the idea, but this recording is gonna just go on this thing
lady liberty 03:39
2014 i sang this one at the berklee five-week songwriting showcase, was fun
2014 sent this to most schools i applied to most of them liked it
2012 this was about the mysterious relationship between hurricane sandy and the [then-upcoming] apocalypse
2005 03:10
2013 i wrote this after watching some documentary called 'american teen' about a bunch of cliques at a high school, filmed around 2005, and recognized in it the kinds of teenagers i idolized when i was 8 years old. then had a crisis about the 8 year olds that are currently idolizing me and my peers.
2013 i still like this but i sing it differently now due to loop pedal constraints so here's the old version
2012 i tried to write a song every day in nov. 2012, here's me breaking down halfway thru the month
8/23 02:47
2014 the garageband file was created on august 23 tried out being electronic for this, i think i listened to julie ruin or something and decided to become kathleen hanna which was p ambitious i hated the vocal track so much i took it down from the internet (where only like 3 people had seen it) but Here It Is Again
2013 this song is about george barnett, an internet musician who deleted all his music recently to build up a new persona called AKA george, even though his old stuff was so quality it spurred 16-year-old-me to write a song about all of it. oh well i wish him luck
the fall 04:25
2012 the words don't mean anything, they're a vague story about an alien planet. i got a little excited with piano octaves near the end also i thought it'd be cool of me to write a song in 7/8
away 03:16
2012 it's about sitting on the curb after trick or treating and feeling depressed after realizing nothing seemed to mean as much as it did when i was a kid. this song is so bleak and sad and i remember i took it down from tumblr after it got 0 notes but it sums up a lot of being 15 and quiet so here it is
2015 the lyrics don't mean anything, but i made the loop on voicejam and thought it sounded good
rabbit holes 02:27
2015 (written 2013) i wrote this about a castle/myth or something on a student trip in europe the summer after sophomore year. it was the first original song i played for an audience and it made my life to hear people clap afterward. finally got around to recording it this year
2012 i thought i would be cool and hip if i made a song in 5/4
2012 lil piano melody from the summer that i was super proud of, because i could play this all by myself without multi-tracking (still can, thx muscle memory)


for four years of high school, i went to school and then went home and recorded teenage jamz into my computer. it would kill me to never put these old 'finished' originals somewhere together.

**click on songs' lyrics** to see the year they were recorded, as well as some fun facts. some are super old... i have a bunch of newer songs i currently like, but this whole thing is a time capsule.

i hope if you're still in high school, you can relate to this somehow. and take it as a reminder to always make music/art, even if it's bad and you're 15 and you're tired. just do stuff. i believe in all of u ~


music vid for midnight jingle:


released November 12, 2015


all rights reserved



Sidney Gish Boston, Massachusetts


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Sync Licensing: Terrorbird Media

above pic by Jeannette D. Moses // @jeanettedmoses
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